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Project -
Fabricating and Assembling Structural Steel Frames for Installation of Overhead Crane

Jenmon Construction & Engineering Pte Ltd was awarded by Yu Engineering Pte Ltd to design, supply, fabricate, and install structural steel works for their workshop.

Our customer required the installation of additional structural steel frames to the existing infrastructures of their workshop in order to install a single girder overhead crane for their lifting needs.

Hence, our design and engineering team worked very closely to ensure the feasibility of the structures with precise dimensions so as to ensure smooth installation. With years of experience in fabrication of steel structures, our team successfully came out with the structural design according to our customer's requirements.

Despite the limited space available in the workshop, our professional project team managed to erect all the structural steel frames and installed the single girder overhead crane within our customer's workshop.

Our customer was impressed with the high quality of work provided and they were fully satisfied by our workmanship and safety at work.

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