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Project -
Fabricating and Assembling a Weighing Scale Structure

Jenmon Construction & Engineering Pte Ltd was awarded by Matcon–Matic Pte Ltd, to design, fabricate, and assemble their weighing scale structure.

Our customer, being one of the service providers whom supplies weighing instruments and provides calibration services, is constantly enhancing their products to ensure they provide their customer with high quality services.

With the expertise in fabricating and assembling steel structural, our team was able to customize the design according to the requirements provided by our customer.

Furthermore, the weighing scale structure, constructed with a sturdy fabricated lever system, was sent for galvanizing. This process ensures the protection of the structure from corrosion, allowing longer life span and durability, giving support to our customer's business.

Jenmon takes great pride in designing and fabricating this weighing scale structure to suit and meet customer's needs. It has always been our pleasure to be able to contribute to the growth or integration of our customers' businesses.

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